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About the artist

Inspired by the intensity and ferocity to be found, both in modern life and in nature, Dublin born Irish artist Brian Meehan has found an outlet for his expression in the form of abstract art.

Painting since 2005, Brian paints, for the most part with acrylic paints but, from time to time, mixes with multi-media. His expressive technique conveys that sense of intensity which we feel with our natural environment, whether in a city or natural environment. He applies the strengths of his medium to achieve richly layered surfaces and crystal clear vibrant hues. His application is confident and full of bravado with a palette that is both innovative and complex. Brian utilises up to 25 different paints on each canvas to create every colour in his paintings.

The artist brings an extensive understanding of colour theory and compositional flow to each painting. As an abstract painter, he creates optical illusions which delight the observer. His art has an innate sense of rhythm which is almost visual poetry and displays his relentless energetic expression in a vibrant display.